This month we speak to Tim Matcham from Matcham Property Investments

What was your mission at the outset?

Matcham Property Investments was initially set up to manage my pension via a SSAS with local company Hartsfield Financial. At the time I was working as a garden designer and realised that my pension was going to be inadequate, so some serious action was required.

I recognised that by investing in property we could generate significantly better returns, even with all the legislation changes recently. I learnt how to get the best out of investing in property by going on a yearlong Property Investment course which was very supportive and abundant.

During that year I learnt many different strategies and also devised my own which lead to me writing a book, which became an Amazon Bestseller last year, and starting to coach and mentor people who faced a similar challenge to me.

How do I advertise my business?

Blue Line Coaching has grown out of this. I use social media, in particular, LinkedIn, to get national reach, and am constantly working on my profile to attract more clients. I also make a point of getting testimonials from happy clients, preferably via video. My book has also allowed me to get speaking engagements and interviews with other high profile people within the industry. My book is not only available in Paperback & Kindle formats but also Audible, which is easily the most popular.

I also speak at events nationally and host my own networking event in Swindon. This helps me get face to face with my audience.

Is my business local or national?

It is a national business but serviced locally. Using technology we can manage time more effectively to get best use out of everyone’s time. Video conferencing allows eye to eye contact but takes away the need for travel which is expensive and time consuming. I would rather my clients focused on their tasks! As a result of my book being available on Amazon globally I also get enquiries from overseas, particularly America & Australia.

What is unique about my business?

Property is an industry with many facets and means of investing. There are lots of coaches that deal with a very wide array of different strategies but no one focuses on the financial side. It is widely acknowledged that buying property is an expensive business and if you are using your own money you will run out at some point. Understanding how you can work with other people’s money means you have unlimited funds. Given that bank rates are still incredibly low, the potential for higher returns is significant. Understanding the risks means we can help people with SSAS Pension funds, savings and other lumps of cash that are probably not achieving best results. I help investors with understanding how they can work with these private clients to access funding for their projects.

What made you choose this business?

My strength lies in helping and motivating people to achieve great things. I help them understand that they are unique and that being unique has massive advantages that they can use to their benefit. Helping to turn people lives around, which is a natural end product of this work inspires and motivates me. Frequently there are a chain of beneficiaries too which means even more people benefit from my work.

Have I ever turned down a client?

Yes I am selective with whom I work. My reputation and brand is of paramount importance. One client came to me and I discovered he was a convicted fraudster! Not the sort of background that is going to build trust amongst people wanting to invest with him. I politely made some suggestions and recommendations that would help him and showed him the door.

What advice to someone just starting out?

Believe in yourself and understand the value you bring. We are all much better than we think we are and are more capable than we give ourselves credit for. We are all Superheroes pretending to be human! You will experience some challenging times, it’s how you deal with those that will set you apart. To help with this surround yourself with good people, either employees or support team. In particular get a mentor or coach who has achieved what you aspire to. This is something that is embraced in the sports world but businesses seldom do. Those people that do, accelerate their progress and achieve far more than they would have done alone.

To what do you attribute your success?

Giving value and persistence! My rise to success recently has been over 50 years in the making – not quite overnight!! I have learned from the many mistakes and failures over the years and have learned that when there is ‘no light at the end of the tunnel’ that it is your opportunity to be that light, and guide others. Having experienced some very challenging times and ridden the storm, I am well placed to support others and give them massive value.

What are my companies’ goals?

The company has a key goal to introduce two new clients each month, working with them for 6 months or more to help them achieve their goals. Whilst this is predominantly property based, my life skills also play an important part in helping people who are stuck but haven’t yet created a pathway to achieve their own success. There are plans for a second book based on self-belief and we continue to acquire property for longer term security.


Tim Matcham

Tim can be contacted at tim@propertyfinance.coach07792 707334

His book is available on Amazon – search Tim Matcham

Tim is also a Director of Fiveway Apartments offering short term accommodation on the coast in South Devon





November Business in Focus - Matcham Property Investments

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