Welcome! Each quarter I will be looking at a different issue employer’s can face with staff.

One of the most asked questions I get is “I have a member of staff who is not performing, what can I do?”

My first response is always the same, “Have you told them what you expect from them?” It’s no good assuming that staff will know what to do or you mentioned the expectations in their interview years ago. Tell them what you expect them to do in their role. Set out the expected outcome and when you want it achieved by, then leave them to work out how to achieve that.

Write down your expectations, with deadlines and give them a copy.

Ask them if there is anything in the role that they aren’t sure about – has there been changes to processes or software?

Meet with them regularly to review progress – eg.  fortnightly, go through the expectations and deadlines, are they on target to achieve the goals?

If there is no progress, then ask them why.

If it’s something that can be solved, try – if not – give me a call!

What happens next will depend on how long they have worked for you, their role and how long you have been supporting them with their performance.

Julie Brewster, Chartered MCIPD, FCMI
HR Support 4U Ltd

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