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The history of Corsham Chamber

Corsham Chamber history is currently being compiled, including a list of all past Presidents. If you have any information or history of Corsham Chamber please get in touch.


2015 – PresentStuart Pearce1981 – 1982D.K. Bean
2013 – 2015Sue Stockley1979 – 1980D. McCalpin
2010 – 2013G. Fairbrass1978 – 1979T. Stewart
2003 – 2009Ian Storey1980 – 1981J. L. Woodley
2001 – 2003Ian Dodd1977 – 1978G. M. Read
1998 – 2000Gale Curry1976 – 1977C. A. Parrott
1995 – 1997John Coppin1975 – 1976D. R. Love
1993 – 1994Mr J. Kent1974 – 1975P. R. Stiles
1992 – 1993J. L. Woodley1973 – 1974P. T. Webb
1991 – 1992Gale Curry1972 – 1973J. F. Lowton
1990 – 1991N. Carey1971 – 1972R. H. Colderick
1989 – 1990N. R. Carey1970 – 1971D. Gordon Farleigh
1988 – 1989T. Chippendale1969 – 1970Mr J. C. James
1987 – 1988Pat Matthews1968 – 1969Mr P. Cooper
1986 – 1987J. H. Williams1967 – 1968Mr C. B. Bickford
1985 – 1986D. Slater1966 – 1967Mr R. F. Oatley
1984 – 1985M. W. Treble1964 – 1966Mr D. Love
1983 – 1984R. Crowder1961– 1963Mr A. Black
1982 – 1983N. J. R. Davis

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Corsham Commerce organises events from monthly networking and special events regularly throughout the year, including the a summer BBQ, Christmas Lunch and the Corsham Means Business Show. All events are available at substantially discounted prices to members and many are also open to non-members.


President: Stuart Pearce
SMARTech energy Ltd
Unit 10d
Leafield Industry Estate
SN13 9SW
T: 01225 635660
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